We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with WellSpec, an engineering advisory company that supports drilling and well intervention organizations.

WellSpec offers services within well engineering, well integrity, well examination and managed pressure drilling.

Our joint focus will be on Drill Own Well in simulator services (only available on eDrilling’s wellSim) – especially on HPHT and MPD scenarios, as well as well construction engineering and optimization.

On Wednesday November 21, we will arrange a webinar titled “Pre-drill your well to ensure hazard and NPT free, and optimized, drilling operations”

Attend this webinar to learn more about how you, utilizing eDrilling’s digital twin, can ensure safe, effective and efficient well delivery for any planned well by acquiring skills and experience on the specific well prior to operations.

The webinar is for everyone interested in optimal preparations for drilling operations (drilling superintendents, drilling supervisors, training/ competence-, and HSE professionals)

If you are interested in joining our 30 minute webinar on November 21, please register here.

Please note that due to time zone variations, there are two webinars scheduled for Wednesday, November 21. Please choose the one most fitting with your schedule and time zone. If you cannot attend either of the two webinars, but are still interested in learning more about how to take training and preparation for drilling operations to a whole new level, please contact us by simply sending an email to



The Tyttebaer team is preparing for the upcoming exploration well, by drilling well 34/5-2S in simulator using a digital twin prior to operations.

Shell will use the Saipem semi-submersible Scarabeo 8 to drill the well in the Tyttebaer prospect at 387 m water depth near the Knarr field in June this year. Shell is the operator of this production license (373 S) in the North Sea.

wellSim hiDRILL is the solution for enabling your crews to pre-drill, perform a trial run if you like, of your upcoming well in simulator. It provides safe, effective, and efficient well delivery for any planned well by giving crew skills and experience on the specific well.

The Ragnfrid North crew are currently preparing for an exploration well in high-pressure, high-temperature formations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, by drilling their upcoming well in simulator using a digital twin.

The actual drilling of the well will be performed by semi-submersible rig West Phoenix. Ragnfrid North is located in PL199, around 20 kilometres south of the Kristin field in the Norwegian Sea. Statoil owns 52% stake in the Ragnfrid North license and is partnered by Petoro (27%), ExxonMobil (15%) and Total (6%).

The crew are using wəllSim hiDRILL for pre-drilling well 6406/2-9 S, focusing on high-risk sections and likely scenarios, with the objective to avoid hazards and improve drilling performance.  wəllSim hiDRILL provides safe, effective, and efficient well delivery for any planned well by giving crew skills and experience on the specific well.

A Digital Twin is the digital representation of your actual well. Used in preparation it enables you to pre-drill your well. Used in real-time operation enables you to do forward simulations and what-if simulations to detect mismatch and give input to change the drilling plan – to avoid problems, see and detect operational mismatches, and change parameters for optimal drilling (drilling the perfect well).