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Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and our Digital Twin at IADC/SPE

Firstly, our paper (presented by Maryam) has been chosen as one of the highlights at this year’s SPE/IADC Drilling Conference. She will talk about how our AI technologies are effectively used to derive conclusions (i.e. diagnosis or a prediction), avoiding incidents and non-productive time and maximize value of drilling operations Furthermore, we are sponsoring the […]


Webinar: Pre-drill your well to ensure hazard and NPT free, and optimized, drilling operations

On Wednesday November 21, we will arrange a webinar titled “Pre-drill your well to ensure hazard and NPT free, and optimized, drilling operations” Attend this webinar to learn more about how you, utilizing eDrilling’s digital twin, can ensure safe, effective and efficient well delivery for any planned well by acquiring skills and experience on the […]

With launch of Diagnostics 3.0, the world’s leading automated monitoring and real time optimization software just got (even) better

We are proud to announce the launch of Diagnostics 3.0, a new and expanded version of our diagnostics module. Using our digital-twin, it is available as an integral part of our automated monitoring and real time optimization solution – wellAhead. The new version delivers new diagnostics, improved notifications, as well as allowing customer to choose […]

Ragnfrid North crew practicing using a digital-twin in preparation for drilling well 6406/2-9 S on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The Ragnfrid North crew are currently preparing for an exploration well in high-pressure, high-temperature formations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, by drilling their upcoming well in simulator using a digital twin. The actual drilling of the well will be performed by semi-submersible rig West Phoenix. Ragnfrid North is located in PL199, around 20 kilometres south […]