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eDrilling Partners with WellSpec

We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with WellSpec, an engineering advisory company that supports drilling and well intervention organizations. WellSpec offers services within well engineering, well integrity, well examination and managed pressure drilling. Our joint focus will be on Drill Own Well in simulator services (only available on eDrilling’s wellSim) […]

NPT reduced by 8-10% and drilling rate improved by 20%

Gazpromneft and eDrilling shared the initial results from their Drilling Management Center at the SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition in Galvestion, USA this week.  Title of presentation was “Optimizing Drilling Wells and Increasing the Operation Efficiency Using Digital Twin Technology“.  Gazpromneft’s Drilling Management Center (DMC) has utilized eDrilling software to monitor and control drilling […]

eDrilling and SK Oilfield join forces

eDrilling and SK Oilfield, a leading solution provider to India’s oil and gas industry, has joined forces to diffuse modern drilling technology in the E&P companies in the region. SK Oilfield has an impressive 50 year track record of successful introduction and deployment of new technologies. The company has operations in Mumbai, New Delhi, Dehra […]

Sinopec awards eDrilling decision support software contract

eDrilling has been awarded a contract by Sinopec for our real time optimization software. Sinopec is to integrate this into their own (Sinopec Sripe) Drilling Automation solutions. Sinopec Sripe is an affiliate of Sinopec Group – it is a drilling research and development organization, responsible for engineering strategy and deployment of technology across Sinopec. Sinopec […]

Aztech Well Construction and eDrilling announce partnership to provide solutions for optimizing well construction

eDrilling and Aztech Well Construction, a well engineering and well project management service provider, today announced their partnership that will help E&P companies prevent hazards, avoid NPT, and optimize performance. Through the application of best practice principles and experienced personnel Aztech provides complete project management solutions to operators in the oil & gas industry. The […]

Automatic Realtime Monitoring enhances safety and reduces cost of drilling operations

eDrilling presents a paper at this year’s ADIPEC, titled “Automatic real-time monitoring of drilling using digital twin technologies enhance safety and reduce costs”. We are presenting the findings from 10 years of operations globally. Using model-based reasoning (AI), predictive analytics, and digital twin technologies, rids downtime and hazardous incidents. Time flies, it is a year […]

Pertamina EP partners with eDrilling to support their drilling operations

On Pertamina’s journey towards becoming a world-class national energy company they have built a new Pertamina built on commercial and operational excellence. As part of that journey, Pertamina EP Exploration have chosen eDrilling’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital-twin technologies to support their drilling operations. Together with eDrilling’s partner Navita Origo – a company providing […]

Artificial intelligence and digital twin software enables drilling automation

eDrilling is at the SPE Workshop: Delivering Value Through Automation this week in Bahrain. We are there to share how our artificial intelligence and digital twin software enables drilling automation, and how our downhole technologies are now coming together with rig systems . We share how utilizing the same artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies […]

eDrilling and Pertamina dialogue on Drill Well in Simulator

Thanks to Pertamina for interesting dialogue on how this quantum leap in preparing for drilling operations rid hazardous incidents and non-productive time. We spent quality time with the visiting delegation on how AI and Digital Twin technologies enables Drill (own) Well in Simulator. eDrilling’s wellSim is the only software solution that makes it possible to […]